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Robbie Gouge

CEO & Senior Business Advisor
Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation, Payroll Processing, Business Consulting

Regarding Entrepreneurship and Small Business Solutions, Robbie Gouge knows what it takes to become successful when the odds are stacked against you. In his early years, Robbie worked and managed multiple family businesses, including Gouge Refurbishing and The Triple Play Shop. After graduating from Newman University in 2005, Robbie then accepted a position at PK Companies in Wichita, KS. During his tenure at PK Companies, Robbie was introduced and managed multiple positions as the company grew from 1 company to 3 companies and from 20 employees to 250 employees in just over a 10-year span. It was then that time; Robbie knew that he wanted to step out and assist multiple companies with the growth and knowledge he had learned over the course of the last 20 years.

Over the last 6 years of being a business advisor, Robbie has helped multiple companies in multiple industries achieve their goals of being successful business owners. If you were to ask Robbie what the highlight of his entrepreneurial career has been so far, he would tell you it was helping and assisting businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. “Businesses were in need, and I am glad we were able to assist during that time.” Robbie knew that there was a bigger need than initially anticipated for Business Advisory Solutions.

Additionally, during the last five years, Robbie has worked with numerous businesses in Wichita, KS, and the surrounding areas to achieve their business dreams. This includes Developing and Implement Business Strategies, Reviewing and Implementing Company Structure, Assisting with Ownership and Management on Outsourcing Solutions, and Providing Strategic Tax Strategies.

When Robbie is not working with Business, you will find him hanging out with his family and attending kids’ sporting events. Robbie is married to his beautiful wife of 15 years (Missy) and has 4 beautiful children (Jace, Maci, Paislee, and Preslee). Additionally, Robbie enjoys listening to podcasts and audiobooks and staying caught up in current business news to stay ahead of the game and continue to provide new ideas and solutions to businesses in Kansas and the Midwest.