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I did everything backward in life. I was a high school dropout who then went down a path in a life filled with lots of bad choices and dark spaces. Somehow in the midst of it all. I was able to get my Diploma. In 2014 I was able to get a 2nd Chance at life. I started working on my College Degree and working at Mcdonald’s. I graduated with my Associates in Business in 2017. In the meantime, I became an Interlock employee at Premier Monitoring. I was then able to become a bail bonds agent for A Second Chance Bail Bonds and my schedule was literally 24 hours a day and seven days a week, around the clock. I was finally feeling purpose and had a vision for that future. Eventually, I was able to save and buy into the interlock business that hired me.

I was eventually able to help restart the lawn care business at 2nd Chance as well. With the right investors and God, there are many dreams and visions that can come to fruition. I aspire to see people’s lives changed and hope to inspire those who have no hope. Hard work and focus do pay off and not in some fictitious way. I believe my journey has just begun in the business world.

I have 3 endeavors I am focused on at the moment, I am a contracting Bail bonds agent, I am an owner of an Interlock business and I am an owner of a lawn care business. I would love to see these businesses built up and growing over the next 5 years and then I will look into what other endeavors are possible. I look forward to the opportunities ahead that give me the chance to see others prosper. I will be patient, remain steadfast, and endure the pains of growth. I look forward to networking and relationship building in the years ahead for me, my wife, and my daughter. The best is yet to come!